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Drug Policy

Drug Policy

The cost of health-care drugs may vary from country to country. These drug policies are different in many countries according to their laws of government. Mainly Generic drugs are cost-effective and easily available on online pharmacies. Generic pills are the best alternatives for brand-name drugs. Generic drugs are cost-effective, safe to use and high-quality as same as brand-name drugs.

Which standards should be followed by generic drugs to receive approval from FDA?

If any drug company wants approval from the FDA, they have to submit New drug application for market approval. Then the FDA office reviews and demonstrates all the applications given by the drug company. They also review whether the generic drugs are the substitute of brand-name drugs.

An application must show that generic drugs are the same as brand-name drugs. The generic drugs has equivalent strength as brand-name drugs. The drug should be the same type of dosage or product. The generic drug  must have an active ingredient that is the same as brand name drugs to get approval from FDA and should be effective towards illness.

FDA must review all the evidence given by generic drug companies to see that all ingredients are acceptable. It should meet all the requirements like stability, effectiveness, strength, and quality. The information like ingredients, dosages, and safe to use information should be the same as brand-name drugs.

Why Generic drugs more cost-effective than brand name drugs?

Our generic drugs are reviewed by the FDA. It takes a descent to launch a new drug for a brand name drug company.  Because it includes the research, time, money, and to market the drug. Generic drug companies do not market their products as brand-name companies, that’s why market cost isn’t included in generic drugs.

What are the benefits of generic drugs?

All our manufacturers from where we source our medicines are approved by FDA. It also shows the same effect as brand-name drugs. When you compare both according to strength, dosage, and effectiveness, both brand-name and generic drugs are the same. When it comes to generic drugs, it is helping many people to save more money, availability, and variety of choices.

What If I want to know more detailed information about generic drugs?

The information about generic drugs can be found from doctors, physician, or pharmacist, If you want more information about generic drugs, you can also visit the official FDA website.

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