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Frequently Asked Questions

Erectile dysfunction affects approximately 40% of men. However these numbers vary from degrees of condition.

There can be various causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Psychological, physical, and emotional. Physical issues include damage to the structure of penis, including nerves, muscles, and other tissues. Some other disorders include High blood pressure, Diabetes, Kidney disease, Heart and blood vessel disease, Surgery of bladder cancer.

Yes, Generic pills work the same as brand-name tablets. It is modeled after brand-name tablets must perform the same. This standard applies to all generic pills. All generic pills are the same as brand name tablets in safety, effectiveness, dosage, strength, stability, and quality.

Headache is the most common side effect of this Viagra affected by 16% of users. Sometimes people feel dizziness, indigestion, and even flushing faces.

Yes, You can cancel the order, only if orders have not been dispatched yet. If you have changed your mind or you are confused about the product, you can cancel the order before the order has been dispatched, You will receive full refund in that case.

You can track any order by clicking  on the “TRACK ORDER” link. You will find that link on the top of the page. You just have to provide your ‘Order ID’ and billing ‘Email ID’ and you will find all tracking details. If you find any difficulty while tracking orders, you can contact our support team to help you with tracking orders.

If you have entered the wrong email, you have to repeat the registration process. If you have entered the wrong email, you will not receive any confirmation mail, so you can find that you have input the wrong mail.

Currently, we don’t have any payment options like cash on delivery. We only accept payment through cards. We ship our products around the world that’s why we don’t have a COD option.

CVV number is the three or four digit security number at the backside of your debit or credit card. It is used as a security number not meant to disclose with anyone and used while making online payments. It is used as protection against fraud activity. CVV number will secure your confidential bank information.

The minimum expiry date is not fixed and won’t be less than 6 month that you will receive, However, We don’t ship any expired products. All drugs are best and high-quality.

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