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At, ED Generic store, we offer the 100% guaranteed best products in terms of quality standards. We provide  the best customer services for the customers who want to approach us and want to communicate with us.

If you receive the damage order or if you find your order is lost during the shipping process while tracking online, It will not be considered as your fault and it will be our responsibility to reship the new order at your place. If you want to return the product or you are satisfied with what you received, you have full rights to apply for return or exchange of the products.

If any products are damaged or lost by our customer after receiving an order, There is no such guarantee we claim to our customer that they will get any refund for the loss. For more information about refund and return, you can check our return and refund policy page.

Every order takes at least 15 to 20 days to reach your resident. Sometimes, in a certain situation, it may take more than that to deliver. If order doesn’t reach your place, so you can contact our support team.

Our guarantee works on the basis of request. In some cases, orders may be put on hold for certain reasons. We will let our customers inform about orders via notifications and in the form of mail. Delaying of the products is rare. We also guarantee safe payment experience for our customers.

If you want to reach out to us and ask doubts about products and shipping information, you can contact us on this Email ID: or call us on 9898989898.

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